Marketing Your Investment Property

Marketing your property is something that needs consideration.

Highlighting your property amongst the myriad of other vacant properties being advertised can be challenging, but don’t worry, we can assist with this process. The rent being asked, location, attributes of the property and community facilities are all elements that prospective tenants will take into account when considering which property they’ll choose.

Everyone wants their home to be presented and perceived ahead of all others. Through constant innovation and attention to detail, our superior marketing guarantees your property will make an impact and secure you the best possible return on your investment.


We list your property on the biggest property websites available:,,,,,,,


We work with you to identify the property’s key selling points, crafting the right words to complement your marketing material.


24/7 advertisement for your property - Drive-by enquiry.

Floor Plans research says that 33% of tenants say that their biggest frustration when looking for a rental property is because there is no floor plan advertised.

Professional Photos

Quality tenants are looking for clean, well presented properties with good natural light. Professional photographers are able to capture that, using their specialist equipment and expertise. Professional photography can increase the number of quality enquiries and inspections, securing a house proud tenant much faster. The cost is tax deductible. If there are no major changes you can use the same photos between several tenancies, achieving the same benefit each time.

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